Silverite Quick Facts (Get the Facts “Rite” About Silverite)


Silverite is celebrating its GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY after fifty successful years in the business.

150+ Employees

Silverite exists and operates as a 150+ employee tight-knit family with less than a 1% employee turnover rate. Our in-house talents consist of our Senior Officers, Project Managers, Engineers, General Managers, Field Supervisors, and complete Construction Crews.


100% of jobs completed before or by deadline with professionalism and care.


In the beginning

    • Silverite opens for business in 1965, FOUNDED BY ANGELO J SILVERI, the president and CEO.
      Built on a foundation of extreme passion, drive and integrity, Angelo’s relentless drive to be the best general contractor in New York City and the tri-state area is clearly inspiring.
    • Silverite starts to grow by bringing family values to every project.


    • Silverite begins to rise above and beyond all expectations; with the growth in business comes the growth in employment


    • Silverite becomes a major Public Works Contractor completing contracts for the NYCTA, Nassau County DPW, LIRR, NYC Dept. of General Services, NYS Facilities Development Corp.


    • Silverite completes a signature project for the NYC School Construction Authority at The Long Island City High School in Queens
    • Silverite Holding Company carries three Class A, fully-leased office buildings in Westchester, Long Island, and New York
    • Silverite Trucking is created as a state of the art trucking service, translating into consistency, flexibility, and on-time performance for all clients


    • Silverite completes a signature project for the NYC School Construction Authority at the Bronx School of Law & Justice
    • Silverite completes 30G
    • Silverite completes 83G
    • Silverite completes Manhattan Pump Station
    • Silverite completes Wards Island
    • Silverite completes MCH, 36G


    • Silverite is continuously working hard for our clients and seeking opportunities for growth and improvement


    • Silverite continues to expand and offer quality workmanship combined with high standards to both the public and private sectors