Project: Taconic Correctional Facility
Owner: City of New York, Div. of Public Sturctures
Architect / Engineer: City of New York, Div. of Public Sturctures
Completion Date: April 1979

  • Chappaqua Public Library: 1978
    Project: Chappaqua Public Library Owner: Board of Education Chappaqua Central School District Architect / Engineer:Kilham – Beder & CHU Completion Date: April 1979
  • Baldwin Park Phase II: 1975
    Project: Baldwin Park Phase II Owners: Town of Hempstead, Dept. of Parks and Recreation Architects / Engineers: Keith I. Hibner Completion date: May 1975
  • South Hollis Branch Library: 1974
    Project: South Hollis Branch Library Owner: City of New York, Department of Public Works Architect / Engineer: Glass & Glass Completion Date: September 1974
  • Cow Meadow Preserve: 1972
    Project: Cow Meadow Preserve Owners: Nassau County Department of Public Works Architects / Engineers: Fred R. Harris Completion date: September 1972